Piękny zegarek od Giacomo Design

People, who already have wooden watches certainly repeatedly asked themselves this question: How to care for a wooden watch, so that it could be used as long as possible? Certainly, a big plus will be the regularity in the maintenance of a wooden watch. If this is the first contact with a wooden watch, it will be a good idea to choose a model with a leather belt or a leather belt. There is a lot less work with them and we will be able to learn new everyday activities. The more demanding element of the watch will be a wooden bracelet, to which you should have the right accessories and impregnations to fully take care of its maintenance.

Drewniany zegarek i drewniana bransoleta -


Each watch should have a cotton cloth (ideally the same ones that are used in the case of glasses for spectacles), a short-haired brush, a container with compressed air. First, carefully wipe your wooden watch with a dry cloth and then perform the same process with a damp cloth soaked in water. This is to get rid of the remains of sweat, the dust that we left on your watch, during the whole day of use. The next step will be to clean hard-to-reach places, eg. Combination of wooden watch case with a belt of the aforementioned brush. Thanks to this, we will get rid of the dust that has accumulated in this small space. The last element is cleaning the watch with compressed air, which will quickly clean up the remains that we missed or were hard to access.

If we have a watch model, which is made of wood, which includes even a bracelet, it will be a good idea to use special preparations for cleaning wooden surfaces. These preparations will add gloss and create a special protective layer to protect the wood in the watch from moisture. An interesting remedy is also a special preparation to remove scratches, so it’s worth equipping yourself right away. These preparations form a protective coating on the wood that prevents scratches on the wood.

An interesting idea is to buy a special box that is used to store watches. It is finished on the inside with a very soft material so that our watch will not be accidentally scratched or damaged. Given its lower scratch resistance than traditional watches with a metal envelope, one fall, splash, a scratch can even destroy the mechanism, not to mention the external elements.

Drewniany zegarek z paskiem parcianym (ze skóry) -


If you have decided on a wooden watch model that has a whole bracelet made of wood, you may find that our use is bad in relation to this material. We must first pay attention to whether we do not rub our wooden watch on the desk or table top during everyday tasks. Unfortunately, we must expect different types of impacts, as this is unavoidable, and each of them may damage the paint and wooden material. The best choice then will be contacting the manufacturer, who will advise us to use the methods of re-varnishing a wooden watch or undertake such a treatment for us.