Mechanisms in wooden watches

Wooden watches have been popular on the market for many years. It is, in a sense, a return to the roots of manually making timepieces. Pocket watches made of wood began to be produced in the first half of the nineteenth century, they were dealt with by artists from the Bronnikov family, and their products were even admired by Russian Tsars.

At present, it is safe to say that they survive the second birth because the mechanisms in watches are much more accurate at much smaller sizes. Which of them will be the best choice in value for money? It is worth considering, especially if you intend to buy a handmade piece of art that is completely unique. The watch will serve us proudly for many years, and with proper care, we can confidently say that over time its value will only grow. Wooden watches are equipped with modern countdown systems and mechanisms that have a “soul”.


In a sense, this is the most desirable mechanism for customers, because it guarantees very high accuracy and no need to replace the battery or tension. Automatic mechanism winds up thanks to the spontaneous physical activity of the body, thus storing energy, so that after putting it on the shelf, it can easily lie down for a few days. In the case of people with a collection of watches, it is worth buying a special box that constantly moves and winds up our entire system for further work.

The combination of an automatic mechanism, with a hand-made watch in an artistic way will give us something special so that we will have a unique watch.


In the case of slightly cheaper products, we can expect the use of popular solutions such as quartz mechanisms, which are as good and precise as automatic, but their price is much lower. The difference in price comes from a very simple reason – the mechanism is much less complicated and is powered by a battery, which should be replaced on average once every two years.

Given that quartz watches are much cheaper, the craft itself is valued very high due to the accuracy and uniqueness of choosing. Having a wooden watch with an automatic mechanism is a combination of a unique look with the mechanical precision of watches.

Mechanisms in watches usually most effectively raise the price of the product up, so if we do not have a sufficiently large budget or do not want to spend too much money on the mechanisms of automatic models powered by batteries will work just as well (quartz mechanisms). However, let’s use the offer of native artists and craftsmen who are able to provide their customers with a very prestigious product, which are hand-made wooden watches. With time, we can expect that their price will increase with the popularity of the artist, so it is worth constantly taking care of your timer and treat it as a possible investment for the future.