Engraving in wood – dedication for every occasion

Engraving in wood – dedication for every occasion

Looking for gifts for special occasions for your loved ones, or something interesting for colleagues and contractors, we often use the possibility of engraving. It is a very tasteful and elegant addition that will constantly remind you of the donor. Engraving wooden watches is also possible and presents really surprisingly great!

Engraving in wood is very durable and will not affect the life of our watch, so putting a few important words on the envelope, can bring the other side even more joy from the received gift.

The engraving in most professional companies is for free, we only need to indicate when ordering that we are interested in such a service, at the same time define our needs and what is to be placed on the product. For wooden watches, there is often an addition in the form of a wooden card, on which we can place longer wishes and a few words from each other. If such a service is free, because the company from which we order our range has the ability to perform such a range of activities, it is certainly worth using it for yourself by placing a funny inscription on your watch.


Usually, we find solutions such as firing or inscription engraved in wood, it can arouse mixed feelings in many users, because such a serious interference will affect the varnish. We do not have to worry about it, however, because the product is finally secured after detecting elements ordered by the customer. The engraving can also be in a different color, because wooden watches are varnished with special preparations that not only protect the material but also darken or brighten the wood, in this way we can get a bright inscription when you buy a dark watch.

An engraver on wood is very durable and if the person using his watch will properly care for him, he can be sure that he will not lose his luster, and the engraved inscription will not be destroyed.


Well, such companies as Giacomo Design also offer us great opportunities to place interesting designs, so we do not have to worry that if we have an interesting idea for the project, it will not be possible to implement.

Engraving watches in such a way may be an interesting idea for companies that will want to offer a gift to their client or an employee who created a given place for a very long time. On the envelope of such a watch, you can put even the logo of the company, adding to this wish, so that the person could feel really appreciated for their work and effort put in every day.

The Giacomo Design company does not limit the possibilities of its clients by offering them a really wide range of fonts in the catalog. Thanks to this, everyone will perfectly match the idea to their requirements. Wood can introduce a few restrictions because it is a bit more difficult material when working, so all selected fonts must be filled inside.