Wooden watches – how to take care of impregnation?

Wooden watches – how to take care of impregnation?

Deciding on wooden watches, we must remember about the appropriate preparation of accessories for impregnation and nurturing them, so that they would serve us proudly for as long as possible. Wood is a much more delicate material than stainless steel, from which most watches are made, so wiping and polishing your timer once a week, unfortunately, may not be enough.


Self-impregnation of wooden watches is not the best idea, especially if we do not have the right skills and tools that will allow us to achieve satisfying results. Many manufacturers of such accessories, very often to create their best quality products, use special preparations that have been developed for specific models. The impregnation will wipe over time during use, so if you notice the first signs of the aging of the watch, the best idea will be contact with the producer himself. In the end, no one knows his product better, and hence, he will be able to professionally advise us what we can do.

If the product was made by a craftsman and an artist, we can expect that he will offer us help and we will have to send the watch we bought to him. Naturally, such a service may be additionally payable, so if we want to maintain the best quality for many years and we want to make corrections over time, it is worth setting the issue earlier, sending even a message to the producer, or by contacting the phone.



However, care is a completely different matter, because not only is it necessary, but it can be safely said that it is required for wooden watches.

This delicate material very much does not like contact with all kinds of chemicals, i.e. detergents for cleaning, and we should even be careful to contact with perfumes that contain alcohol in their composition. Care of wooden watches is not particularly complicated because after each day we should only wipe them with a soft cloth that will be moistened with clean water beforehand.

Unfortunately, we should not leave our watch anywhere and subject it to a lot of sunlight, because it can affect its color and hardness of the varnish. The proverbial “throwing in the corner” can cause scratches, through which the wood will later become damp. The best solution will be to buy a special box, which inside is filled with a delicate material, we will be able to hide your watch every day, without any fear that something may happen to it.

Most of us have probably wondered if this is a game worth the candle. Relax, if we want to see in the first place how the care of a wooden watch looks like, we can always buy a model that will have a webbing or leather belt, because we will have much less work with it.