Wood in watches – maple, oak or maybe walnut?

Wood in watches – maple, oak or maybe walnut?

We can often find the opinion that wooden watches are made in the same way and they look almost the same. Well, the same can be said for people who are looking for and want to buy a wooden wardrobe. The watches are also made of various types of wood, which gives us different hardness, density, and weight.


It is relatively easy to process, making it very often used for making watches, it also has a light color, an even structure and, above all, medium hardness. With its help, you can make very interesting contrasting projects, which will be used such raw material as ebony wood.


If there is a topic of hardwood, most oak comes to the first thought and it is a very good choice because just look at the wonderful furniture and home furnishings that are prepared from this raw material. It’s hardness and durability can surprise you very much. A watch made of such a raw material will certainly serve you bravely for a very long period of time, especially if it is properly impregnated and nurtured.

Another very hard and durable wood, which is used in the case of more expensive models of watches, will be even a nut, which, after proper preparation, will be a very luxurious final product.


We can meet with different combinations and can only be additional elements to create a contrast or as the main material that will create a unique and unique product. Such materials include, among others, pink tree, or even sandal wood.

Another interesting idea may be, among others, acacia, because after proper treatment it will look incredibly elegant and the very fact of having a watch that has been made of acacia is already a very attractive alternative.


If our watch is to be an ecological product, the use of synthetic materials would not make much sense, so you will not be surprised at the fact that you can usually count on a natural stone, which will be extremely impressive. At this point, some may ask how it is a stone, after all, such a watch will be heavy. Not necessarily, because it is a very thin and well-polished layer, and the wood itself is very light, so in a sense, it’s very much balanced.

The stone is seemingly an extremely durable material, but with such a delicate layer, we have to watch out for your watch even more, because one delicate fall from a small height, can cause very large damage and ordinary spillage of our supplement.

The possibilities are huge, and the only thing that limits us is the imagination of ourselves and the skills of artists, so if we only have an interesting idea that belongs to unusual solutions, it is worth trying to find a person who will not only be willing to try to create such a watch but also it’s the best.