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Gift watch – what should a watch have to be a proper gift?


Celebrations usually involve the purchase of gifts, it is not surprising that it is stressful for people looking for something suitable, which also will fit the situation and satisfy the recipients.

A gift watch is a very risky investment, but if we know the taste and lifestyle of a person well, we can easily try to find something interesting. However, we must follow a few basic principles.


First of all, we need to set budget possibilities, because buying a cheap watch, for a person who is more likely to like branded products, will be a bad choice and if we are not able to allocate a sufficient amount to match the standards of a loved one, it is better to let this purchase and choose something else. Mid-range watches, however, already made in a really solid way, you can buy in the price range of 400 – 800 PLN and such production will certainly be an excellent choice.


Since we already know how much we can spend on the purchase, now you should ask yourself which gift watch to choose best? We have a lot of possibilities at our disposal, starting with bracelets, going through leather, webbing and rubber belts, ending with low and high envelopes. If the jubilarian is the type of man who spends his time mainly in an official outfit, he cares about the elegant look in every situation and values the class, the best choice will be a subtle model with a leather belt. You can easily fit it into everyday clothes and suits, so it’s the most versatile one.

For teenagers and those who like sports clothes in the main, models made of synthetic materials are the best solutions. The bracelet will work for people who do not have to wear elegant outfits too often. An interesting idea that is becoming more and more popular among people bored with routine is the selection of watches made of wood. They fit into everyday shirts and sports style. They can, however, be demanding in terms of cleaning and care, so if you buy a gift to someone who simply does not have time to clean the watch daily, it’s better to choose something more classic.


Now we have a visual issue. Gift watches do not have to be always elegant and if you can afford to buy something interesting, you should choose a model with interesting colors. The size of the envelope and its height need to be adjusted to individual preferences. People with a narrow wrist and slender hands will not look very well in wide bracelets and belts, large and tall envelopes. It is better to choose something delicate. On the other hand, high-ranking men should use their dimensions, having massive productions, because they will not, in a sense, “disappear” on their hands.

The choice is huge, but we can only buy such a gift for a person we know very well, otherwise, it may be dissatisfied and simply not use the gift received.


Wood in watches – maple, oak or maybe walnut?

We can often find the opinion that wooden watches are made in the same way and they look almost the same. Well, the same can be said for people who are looking for and want to buy a wooden wardrobe. The watches are also made of various types of wood, which gives us different hardness, density, and weight.


It is relatively easy to process, making it very often used for making watches, it also has a light color, an even structure and, above all, medium hardness. With its help, you can make very interesting contrasting projects, which will be used such raw material as ebony wood.


If there is a topic of hardwood, most oak comes to the first thought and it is a very good choice because just look at the wonderful furniture and home furnishings that are prepared from this raw material. It’s hardness and durability can surprise you very much. A watch made of such a raw material will certainly serve you bravely for a very long period of time, especially if it is properly impregnated and nurtured.

Another very hard and durable wood, which is used in the case of more expensive models of watches, will be even a nut, which, after proper preparation, will be a very luxurious final product.


We can meet with different combinations and can only be additional elements to create a contrast or as the main material that will create a unique and unique product. Such materials include, among others, pink tree, or even sandal wood.

Another interesting idea may be, among others, acacia, because after proper treatment it will look incredibly elegant and the very fact of having a watch that has been made of acacia is already a very attractive alternative.


If our watch is to be an ecological product, the use of synthetic materials would not make much sense, so you will not be surprised at the fact that you can usually count on a natural stone, which will be extremely impressive. At this point, some may ask how it is a stone, after all, such a watch will be heavy. Not necessarily, because it is a very thin and well-polished layer, and the wood itself is very light, so in a sense, it’s very much balanced.

The stone is seemingly an extremely durable material, but with such a delicate layer, we have to watch out for your watch even more, because one delicate fall from a small height, can cause very large damage and ordinary spillage of our supplement.

The possibilities are huge, and the only thing that limits us is the imagination of ourselves and the skills of artists, so if we only have an interesting idea that belongs to unusual solutions, it is worth trying to find a person who will not only be willing to try to create such a watch but also it’s the best.



Zegarek z drewna - Najwyższa jakość w najlepszej cenie


It is always said that the price is not a determinant of quality – not really! If you want to compare the quality of materials used, with products for tens of gold, just put a cheap wooden watch next to the model, which cost between 600 – 800 zlotys. The difference will be visible to the naked eye in materials and workmanship. If we are able to try on a given watch, the difference in price of both watches from wood will be colossal! The construction of slightly more expensive watches will be more solid and will last much more time than a cheaper watch.

Wooden watches are extremely delicate, so you should choose the right manufacturer before buying, which will make every effort to ensure that its product is as resistant to all destructive factors as possible.



The price of wooden watches can depend on many factors, it is the wood used in the production. The amount used may also be increased by the mechanism used. Quartz movement watches will be cheaper than watches with an automatic mechanism. They are just as precise, but the watch with automatic tension has a soul. Wooden watches, in which the automatic mechanism was applied, will be much more expensive and can cost even more than PLN 1,000.


People who start their adventure with wooden watches should take into account models that have a webbing or leather belt for a very simple reason. Not everyone will like this material in use, and the care of such a strip is much easier. The price of a watch with a leather or leather strap is lower than the price of a wooden watch with a wooden bracelet. We will buy such a watch at prices around 300 – 400 PLN, thus convincing ourselves that it is worth investing in a wooden watch with a bracelet in the future.

Do not buy counterfeit models at a low price, because the quality of their performance raises many reservations at first glance. Low-quality models that will work very briefly can effectively discourage the purchase of another wooden watch and unduly pinned a defect of a faulty product to other watches.


Zegarki z niską kopertą – szyk i elegancja


The man is wearing a jacket, leather slippers, and an elegant fashionable shirt, while his partner has a well-fitting dress. They both also wear accessories that emphasize the rest of the design elements. Most of us will immediately think that they are intelligent and well-off people. However, to make such an impression, you should know how to emphasize the rest to look good!


The time when the watch had to have a wide bracelet and the watch was massive and visible was gone forever. The role of large and massive watches has been taken over by smartwatches, which are very popular on the Polish market. Young people and those who practice different sports use them sharply. Currently, the wide bracelet and high watch case are associated with the lack of tact and an attempt to attract attention, which allows us to be assessed very negatively by the environment. The low case of the watch guarantees us the complete opposite of the situation and elegance in all its glory!

The device on which we constantly check the time is a smartphone, but the watches remained on our wrists for a simple reason – the full function of classic jewelry, which among women and men is problematic and not always suitably matched. Among the ladies, it is the only possible choice because their wrists are much narrower, so a high envelope would look very unsightly and immediately throw your eyes into the eye. The final effect depends on our imagination and what we want to achieve by wearing a watch – whether we want to stand out from the crowd or whether we want to remain neutral.


 Zegarek z wysoką kopertą


Is throwing away our watch, which has a high envelope is the only solution? Easy, everything depends mainly on our stature. If you are a tall person and as a massive figure, a watch with a low envelope can simply disappear or look like a cheap hand allowance that is disproportionate to the posture. The low envelope is designed for slim and delicate posture.

For example, putting two men next to each other, one of which will have a watch with a low envelope, 170 cm tall and 60 kg weight and a second individual, having a timer with a high envelope, a height of 190 cm and a weight of 100 kg, a watch on their hands it will look relatively similar and will look proportional to the figure.



The offer of almost all stores selling watches on the Internet, we find models with a low envelope, which will have both webbing, leather, rubber belts and bracelets. However, the situation is different in the case of high watch envelopes, because the use of a leather, delicate and narrow belt will look rather unattractive.

The watch is best to try in person, especially if you want to spend a large amount of money on its purchase. This is, after all, an element that will serve us faithfully for many years, so we do not have to worry that a similar expense will be waiting for us in a month. Thanks to this, we can afford a bit different purchases.



However, if we want to make an electrifying impression on others, a good choice will be the use of sophisticated gadgets and jewelry in this watch! The leather strap for the watch will perfectly emphasize our taste and attention to detail. The use of a belt in the watch adds to the elegance.


Entering the living room with watches very often we can find a huge selection of watches without a strap, which can be purchased separately. Have we ever wondered why this treatment should be used? The sale of watches without a belt allows you to choose the right belt by the buyer without imposing a specific style on it. Thanks to this solution, the buyer can immediately choose the watch strap that suits his needs. In the case of watches, which are more expensive in the set, we get several watch straps that we can change ourselves.

People wearing watches pay great attention to the correct matching of the color, tone, and color of the strap to the rest of the outfit. Buying several watch straps is dictated by the fact that you will be able to choose the right strap for your current outfit. This approach is more economical in terms of having a few or a dozen watches with a fairly limited budget for accessories in the form of jewelry or watches.

The installation of a new watch strap is not complicated. We only need a special tool to replace the straps or a very small flat screwdriver. In this way, we only need a few minutes to enjoy our new look of the watch.



Replacing the bracelet with a belt and vice versa is not a complicated operation. Keep in mind that not every watch. Which has been manufactured with a bracelet will look good with a webbing belt or with a belt made of genuine leather. The decision to replace the bracelet with a strap carries more commitment and additional tools. However, it is possible to replace the bracelet with a belt. Attaching the strap to the massive watch that the bracelet was on can be a completely new understanding of the watch.


Seriously and modern without skin? Yes, it is also possible! An interesting solution that appeared relatively recently is even a wristband watch that conquers the hearts of enthusiasts and people who value the practicality and convenience of wearing watches on a daily basis. Going with the times, more and more people using watches on a daily basis chooses practical solutions that will not be a hindrance to their work.

The trends that the timers deal with are very variable. A multitude of colors, various types of watch straps, including material straps, webbing straps, natural leather straps or synthetic leather straps, allow you to freely choose the arrangement of your watch to suit your preferences.



Piękny zegarek od Giacomo Design

People, who already have wooden watches certainly repeatedly asked themselves this question: How to care for a wooden watch, so that it could be used as long as possible? Certainly, a big plus will be the regularity in the maintenance of a wooden watch. If this is the first contact with a wooden watch, it will be a good idea to choose a model with a leather belt or a leather belt. There is a lot less work with them and we will be able to learn new everyday activities. The more demanding element of the watch will be a wooden bracelet, to which you should have the right accessories and impregnations to fully take care of its maintenance.

Drewniany zegarek i drewniana bransoleta -


Each watch should have a cotton cloth (ideally the same ones that are used in the case of glasses for spectacles), a short-haired brush, a container with compressed air. First, carefully wipe your wooden watch with a dry cloth and then perform the same process with a damp cloth soaked in water. This is to get rid of the remains of sweat, the dust that we left on your watch, during the whole day of use. The next step will be to clean hard-to-reach places, eg. Combination of wooden watch case with a belt of the aforementioned brush. Thanks to this, we will get rid of the dust that has accumulated in this small space. The last element is cleaning the watch with compressed air, which will quickly clean up the remains that we missed or were hard to access.

If we have a watch model, which is made of wood, which includes even a bracelet, it will be a good idea to use special preparations for cleaning wooden surfaces. These preparations will add gloss and create a special protective layer to protect the wood in the watch from moisture. An interesting remedy is also a special preparation to remove scratches, so it’s worth equipping yourself right away. These preparations form a protective coating on the wood that prevents scratches on the wood.

An interesting idea is to buy a special box that is used to store watches. It is finished on the inside with a very soft material so that our watch will not be accidentally scratched or damaged. Given its lower scratch resistance than traditional watches with a metal envelope, one fall, splash, a scratch can even destroy the mechanism, not to mention the external elements.

Drewniany zegarek z paskiem parcianym (ze skóry) -


If you have decided on a wooden watch model that has a whole bracelet made of wood, you may find that our use is bad in relation to this material. We must first pay attention to whether we do not rub our wooden watch on the desk or table top during everyday tasks. Unfortunately, we must expect different types of impacts, as this is unavoidable, and each of them may damage the paint and wooden material. The best choice then will be contacting the manufacturer, who will advise us to use the methods of re-varnishing a wooden watch or undertake such a treatment for us.


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